Success is Holistic

Success is never one-dimensional because humans by nature are never one-dimensional. We are beings that crave for accomplishment and for nourishment. We crave for relation and we also need our material needs met. We should therefore aim for holistic success, success that involves the mind, body and spirit; success that satisfies our relational needs as well as our tangible material needs.

We need to gain and maintain a balance on our journey towards success of any kind. We, as humans are multi-layered, multi-dimensional beings that need nourishment in many different ways- spiritually, physically and mentally.

True success is met in a place of holistic success!

-Keziah Elaine Ayikoru-

Author: Keziah Elaine Ayikoru focuses on creativity in various fields especially Architecture, Fashion, Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry. Keziah aims to encourage the creative in you to live life fully, happily and wholesomely.

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