When I first wrote this piece a few years ago, I wrote it to myself as a reminder of my identity. It was first titled “Insecure Girl”. I shared it with a few friends and one of them shared it with a friend of hers who worked at power FM who read it out on her morning show and put it on their facebook page. I was overwhelmed by the reach and impact it had. I edited it today and I am posting this as a reminder to us of who we are. I pray this will encourage you. More to that, this is an invitation to anyone who doubts their position and identity to rest in God and have peace. Swim in His love.




You walk into a room

And cower in a corner,

Afraid that people will see

The insecure human in you.


Sometimes you stand in a crowd

And boisterously brag,

Just so people won’t see

The fears you hide.


The past clings to you like a leech

Tugging at the strings of your heart,

The evil enemy reminds you of past sin

Saying you will never be forgiven.


You accepted Christ but you still struggle

With hate and envy

Bitterness and distress

Impatience and restlessness.


Some days are great

So you say to yourself, finally am here,

Finally I’m perfect

Only to stumble yet again.


Your partner walked out the door

After promising love to you

For a moment making you feel complete,

So you ignored the God-sized hole in you.


And that hole, it grows deeper and deeper

As you go farther and farther away,

Away from the King’s embrace,

Away from His peace.


But do you know my sister, my brother?

Do you really know your worth?


Your righteousness is not measured by

how many wrongs you did or are yet to do.

Nor is it measured by who left you

Or who stays.

Nor by who would not love you

Or who says they do.


Your price is not measured by who is better looking than you,

Nor by who doesn’t come close to your good looks.

Your heart is not valued by who cares for you,

or who won’t and can’t.

Neither is it measured by who hurt you,

And who won’t.


You are valued by the most high.

Your worth is measured by the creator

Who made the earth, sun, stars, birds, lions,

Fish, trees, shrubs, flowers and more.

A King so great yet He made you in His image,

Fashioned and created you for Him through your freewill.


You were called for the highest cause

Even though you are not without flaws.

You were made for the glory of the King

To make manifest your greatness rooted in Him.

He made all the delicate inner parts of your body,

And knit you together in your mother’s womb.


So, forget all who would not love you

Who would not care about you

Who did not see your worth.

Let go of insecurities

Forget all your past mistakes

Forget too, your good human efforts to get to Heaven.


Open up your heart to the King

A renewed spirit in you may He implant

In Him may you find your Identity.

You are a CHILD of the most high


His grandeur shines on you.


When you fall, get back up, dust yourself up

And get back on the path.

When you rise, exalt Him.

Christ lives in you

And through the Holy spirit daily transforms you,

Renewing your mind.


Rest in your identity

See yourself the way He sees you; redeemed and loved.

Nothing and no one will ever separate you from His love.

You are stamped and branded for the Lord of Lords.

You are His, I am His, We are His

And in Him we find our identity.


Have a great week. With love, Keziah.

NOTE: Most of the images used on this blog currently, are downloaded from the internet through random searches. Where an image source is not acknowledged, this blog DOES NOT claim ownership of it and we therefore acknowledge alternative ownership. Thank you.


Author: Keziah Elaine Ayikoru

www.keziahelaineayikoru.com focuses on creativity in various fields especially Architecture, Fashion, Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry. Keziah aims to encourage the creative in you to live life fully, happily and wholesomely.

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