Factors That Affect Architectural Space (1)

Last week’s post ‘Defining Architectural Spaces‘ gave us an explanation of the three major categories of architectural space. This week, I’m sharing some factors that influence the design of any architectural space. This list is coming to you in three educative installments of which this is the first.


While this may sound obvious, it is not as easy as saying the ABCs. The purpose of a building greatly affects the spaces inside and around it. A commercial building for example will have a different set of internal spaces and requirements from a residential building such as bedroom versus boardroom. The beauty about architecture is that every human being experiences it. It’s not some foreign concept in the sky. For that reason, I’ll pose a question: can you think of some ways in which the building purpose affects the design of architectural spaces?


The client is king even in architecture because he or she pays the bills. Because of that, the client’s choices make a huge impact on the design of a space. The level of exposure of a client greatly matters because it influences their tastes and preferences. As a client, it’s important that even as you engage an architectural designer of any kind, you have an idea of what you want so that the professional can help you realise your dream.


The designer on the project will draw from their knowledge, skills, experience and exposure to deliver a creative design solution that meets the client’s needs and adheres to any other relevant conditions.


During design, consideration is given to the materials which will be used to implement the design. Usually materials that are locally available are the easiest and cheapest to source. However when the budget allows, importation and sourcing externally is easy to achieve.


Money, money, money; many things in this life somehow trace their way back to this crucial factor. The client’s budget will greatly influence the design of a space because of the different prices of materials, designer services, labour costs and so on.

I’ll continue this series next time as I bring you the second instalment of factors that affect architectural space.

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Ps. All images herein are free images from Canva.com.

Author: Keziah Elaine Ayikoru

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