For a long while, I didn’t understand what God was doing and why I seemed to oscillate around the same area even when I thought I was making progress. And then God revealed to me during season 21 that He has been weeding the garden. See, there are many things I needed to unlearn and get a new revelation about in all areas of my life: areas where complete forgiveness had not yet taken over, and areas where I simply needed to learn new truths.


One of the things that happened in this oscillation season is rebuke. God has been rebuking me in love about certain things and oh, have I disliked it! Very much! And yet, I know that He is my God and loving daddy so I’ve been like a kid that has been spanked, who goes into a corner to sulk and returns almost immediately to be comforted by the same parent that spanked them. I’ve done so many things in the past that I know were stupid, some out of pure ignorance and some out of stubbornness, and mistrust of my daddy. And yet He has waited patiently knowing His child well, knowing that she has to grow.


I have come to a place of surrender. I know that this Christian walk is a place of continual surrender so I do not claim to have it all figured out. I know the weeding journey is still on-going as I unlearn certain things and awaken my mind to new truths. I know I may still not be happy in certain areas where the weeding is happening. And yet, here I will stay, in my daddy’s arms because I know that there is no other place for me. Here is home. Here is love. Here is the very best place. Here I will grow daily in Him. Here I am daily manifesting more of what He created me to be – A PRINCESS, DAUGHTER OF THE HIGHEST KING.


God will not allow you to go to the next level with old mindsets. He will wait patiently as you unlearn and relearn certain things before promoting you. THE WEEDS ARE NOT WELCOME IN YOUR NEW GARDEN. He will not let it happen, and He won’t allow this, because HE LOVES YOU!


There is no room on the next level for certain defeating attitudes. He wants your acceleration to be unhindered.


With love,


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Habbakuk 2:2
Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.”


When God gives you a vision or what I’d call a dream during the day, write it down. God dropped the words “Word Weaver” into my spirit on January 24th 2018 and I wrote it down in my notes section on my laptop. I didn’t know what to make of it but it’s one of those things I can confirm was from God, 100%. Later in the year, He instructed me to offer my editing services to a particular couple for free.


Now, I’m not even a professional editor, in the sense that I never studied it as a course but from a young age, my parents instilled in me the love for books and good stories and it stuck.


Later in my architecture school, an architectural magazine was started and I became a sub-editor for the magazine. What a sub-editor does in a magazine is read the stories and correct any grammatical issues, as well as refine the general structure of the story/article to see how best it could be retold, if necessary.


So in 2018, I offered editing services and the lady in the couple brought her book. That was officially the first book I edited after offering to edit. Previously, I had read people’s work casually. They had requested. This time I offered my services with God’s direction.


It wasn’t an easy journey because I was hustling out a living in other areas so my focus was split. I pushed through though and delivered the best I could at that particular time.  I delivered on my word to edit for her.


Fast forward to 2019, this lady led me to four other clients and just like that, a writing business was launched! I edited four books for pay in 2019.


This January, the thought of turning this into a proper business had been dancing around in my head and I opened my notes to open a new folder called “Writing Business”.


While scrolling up and down, I saw the words “WORD WEAVER” and just then and there, the dots connected. THAT’S THE NAME OF MY WRITING BUSINESS! IT’S ALL GOD! He knew all this all the way back in 2018.

I praise HIM!

Needless to say, the message is clear. When God gives you a message/word/vision, write it down so that at the appointed time, you will run with that idea and execute it. All to His glory, for it’s by Him that we live and have our being.

God will instruct you step by step.

Follow HIM.


With love, 

Keziah Elaine Ayikoru



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REJECTION? Take No Offense

I’m subscribed to John-Paul Iwuoha’s emails. He is the founder of Smallstarter Africa whose website link I will share at the end of this post. I recommend that every entrepreneur follow this website and subscribe to their mailing list. You will learn a lot!

One of the attitudes he suggests an entrepreneur should have is a “win or learn” attitude. He says there is no losing, only winning and learning. I agree with this and I know firsthand what this means.

When you put yourself out into any situation, you take the risk of being accepted or rejected. I regularly apply for many growth programs for both personal and business growth. Sometimes I get accepted and other times, I get rejected. But one thing is certain – I learn something new about myself and my business every single time I apply. The questions asked in the applications and the interviews spur me to think of new ways to solve existing problems and further improve or highlight strengths.

Earlier this year I was shortlisted for the Mandela Washington Fellowship. That in itself was an achievement because about three years ago I applied and wasn’t even shortlisted. This showed me that growth has happened since the last time I applied. I walked into the interview room at the embassy confident having revised and prepared. The first question landed like a hammer on my head though. It shook my confidence almost immediately. I can’t remember my answer but I did my best to answer as best as I could in that frame of mind. Throughout the rest of the interview, I kept on feeling rises and falls. I know I answered some questions well but I also know I truly did terribly in others. The interview brought all the great, good, bad and ugly out into the light. Bit by bit I could see the things I had done well and also the things I was failing at in the business at that point.

I didn’t get in for the fellowship but that interview pushed and stretched me in so many ways. The positive results will stretch on for a long time and the solutions I am working on in the business right now will leave a lasting impact. I learnt.

I have also applied for other programs and been accepted such as the British Council Creative Enterprise Program happening this week. I can’t wait to soak in all the knowledge and chew on it so that I can apply it to the business and pass on what I have acquired to others too.

As an artist, my work is subject to people’s opinions and comments quite often. In addition to being a fashion designer; I design buildings (architecture); I write and perform poetry and sing. I have a few song melodies and original compositions sitting idle gathering dust but I will dust them up soon and show them to the world because kept to myself, my work has no power to impact any one.

We must keep putting ourselves, and our work out there. We must keep sharing and looking for growth. Some people will applaud us while others will frown at us. Not everyone will appreciate what you do, and not everyone is supposed to anyway! Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Every program has its guidelines and requirements. Every client has different needs.

We are not entirely responsible for the reception of our work because even when we do our best to present it in the best light, the other party is always a variable. They come into the equation with their own backgrounds and experiences. We are only responsible for the way we present our work and ourselves. We are responsible too for our own perspectives and the way they shape our growth.

So the next time you face rejection, take no offense. There is no losing, only winning and learning.

As promised, here is the link www.smallstarter.com.

Wishing you a lovely week with the warmest of regards,


Living in the How of Now

If you must live, live purposefully.

Live wholesomely.


Don’t waste your days dwelling in the unknown tomorrow.

If you do, someone else, your days, might borrow.


Live in the now.

Live in the how.


If you must breathe, breathe happily.

Life is not meant to be lived grumpily.


I am speaking to myself too, you see

I have been living in my tomorrows

And dwelling on my yesterdays


So I was seldom in the moment

Letting today’s joy pass me by

Letting yesterday’s pain cripple me


I have lived in the now too

But what if I always did?


What if you and I were to pause

Not project or postpone but right this second repose

Find rest, find refreshment in simple words transferred

From my mind to yours

In a heartbeat, you, feel what I feel

Drawing from anything these words instill

In this instant you and I can live together


For once this instant is gone

It is gone forever.


And in the coming minutes, breathe on, live on.

For if you must breathe, breathe gladly

If you must live, live delightedly.


Not waiting for the accomplishment of your dreams

Not waiting for the end of the storm

But right here, right now

Stop and smile

Breathe in, breathe out

Live in the how of now.


While wondering what to post today, I reflected on my own recent activities and “busyness” and how we often get so caught up in doing activities that we often forget to just be fully present wherever we are and take in the moments as they are. More than this, we forget to enjoy life and pick something positive from every moment. It is true that not every moment will be pleasant and yes there are moments where enjoyment is extremely hard. It is natural to feel both the ups and downs but it is not natural to dwell forever in those moments.  To dwell on something is a choice. To choose a perspective about something is also a choice and depending on our chosen perspective, we can turn negative things into positive. I’m sure you’ve seen two people who are in the exact same position and the only difference is in the perspective and choice made to either overcome or be subdued by the situation. We can, by choice, make the most of every situation.

Most importantly, when you have happy moments, enjoy them with everything in you. Laugh, roll on the floor.

Be truly present with your loved ones. Enjoy them.

And finally, to live in the how of now wherever you are and whatever you are doing, give it your all and your best in that moment. That is how you empty yourself of your purpose, dreams and destiny – by being your best, always. So whether you are relaxing with family, at your job, in your business, at a wedding or at a funeral, be present. Always ask, what positive light can I add to this moment? Be love, be wisdom, be encouragement, be strength. Be JOY – a quality of contentment that remains unchanged in and out of season.

Live in the how of now.

Have a joyous and life-filled week.

With love,


P.S. Feature photo by Daniel Msirikale.

Of Entrepreneurs and Depression

Depression, with reference to mood, is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well-being. It usually occurs due to external stimuli and internal conflicts that may affect an individual negatively.

When I did a blog post about my personal depression experience last year, I had no idea that so many entrepreneurs were/are in a similar boat. Below is an excerpt from a piece I read by John-Paul Iwuoha, an amazing African Entrepreneur and Writer who runs smallstarter.com.

“Did you know that almost 50 percent of entrepreneurs struggle with depression and anxiety? 

I have always known entrepreneurs suffer from emotional rollercoasters.But I never knew the problem was this serious or severe.

In fact, studies have found that nearly three-quarters of entrepreneurs and business owners have concerns about their mental health.

And several top CEOs are now opening up about how they’re battling with problems like bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and OCD.

But do you know what is really surprising?

Most entrepreneurs prefer not to talk about this problem because we want to be seen as “normal”.

Our society tends to glorify the success and achievements of entrepreneurs.

That’s why most entrepreneurs are not comfortable talking about their struggles.

We don’t want to be seen as failures in the eyes of others.

But the fact is, starting and running a business comes with a lot of pressure that most people around us just don’t understand.

We shoulder personal risk, work longer hours, and encounter higher stress than most other people do.”

Reading John-Paul’s words rang so true. Ever since I decided to walk an entrepreneurship path, it’s been a roller coaster. There have been wins along the way but the challenges are waaaaaaaaay way more than anticipated, and more than once I have wanted to quit. I’m not alone though, I’ve discovered. Many are facing similar struggles. Until you’ve been in these shoes, it’s close to impossible to imagine how we feel.

The more important matter at hand though is HOW CAN WE SUPPORT OUR LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS?

I’ll offer a few suggestions:-

  1. Understand that they are on a hard path and be supportive morally with your words. When they do well, appreciate them. When they do a bad job, let them know, but in a way that builds them rather than tears them down. Offer useful and helpful suggestions for improvement. They are on a path of growth and will get better and better.
  2. Please, please, please don’t ask for unreasonable discounts. By the time an entrepreneur sets a price for a product or service they are rendering, they’ve calculated a number of costs and included them in the overall price. By asking for an unreasonable discount, you are eating away their profit and leaving them in a disadvantageous position.
  3. Do NOT delay with your payments. Please. When you do, communicate. Don’t just keep quiet. We don’t run charities, we run businesses, or at least that’s what we are attempting do.
  4. For your family and friends that are entrepreneurs and may be struggling, don’t tear them down even further. Find out how you can help.
  5. Be a bit more understanding when your entrepreneur friends aren’t being the most social creatures. I will tell you first hand that THINGS CAN GET SO HARD from all angles. Offer to meet them where they are, if you can and when you can.

FINALLY, to my fellow entrepreneurs, one of the most important things I was told during the depression period I went through is, “to get joy, rejoice”. Employ an attitude of gratitude and praise God even during the tough times. When you go against depression with positive words, you are going against the grain of your feelings and instead standing on faith and a positive mindset towards different challenges that may be staring you down. Over time, this sparks a renewal. Your moods will catch up and before you know it, you are overflowing with positivity.

In addition, allow me to reiterate what an article on inc.com said;


This says it all. At the end of the day, you need to be well. Take breaks for you. Breath. Laugh. Love. Relax a little. Sleep well. Eat well. (I’m speaking to myself too)

At the end of the day, YOU are the most important NEED you have and you NEED YOU TO BE HEALTHY PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY.

***Persevere, learn, grow and enjoy the process. We’ll make it.

With love and concern, Keziah.

(Post edited for this blog by writer herself, most of it first featured on muwado.com.)

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Accountability, A Necessity

Before October 2017, I was inconsistent with my blogging. I wanted to write more frequently but always seemed to come up with reasons why I couldn’t do so. I had good intentions but those only went as far as the thought. My actions told a different story.

In October though, I made a decision that changed my blogging forever. I asked a writer friend, Ernest, to keep me accountable to post every week on Sunday by 3:00pm. He agreed, but warned me that he is very strict and would “divorce” the commitment if I didn’t post three times in a row. I agreed to his terms and the journey begun. The first few weeks were easy because I was fired up…and then it started becoming increasingly hard to make the time commitment. It was either that some work or meeting came up or that I had internet issues etc. They were all genuine reasons. However, on one beautiful and sunny Sunday in early December, Ernest told me to either clean up my act or choose a different act. He recounted something his first boss told him when he kept giving excuses for not meeting deliverables.

“Excuses stink,” his boss said.

Ernest suggested I choose a different time to post if that time didn’t work for me. At that point, I could have chosen to look for an easier/more convenient way out but I insisted that I could still make 3:00pm.

“What do I do if you fail to keep your chosen time?” he asked.

I smelt that trick question a mile a way. I replied by saying that if I did not meet 3:00pm consecutively for the next three weeks, he had every right to walk away.

My circumstances did not change; my work patterns and general schedule remained the same and in some cases even got worse. However, I was on a mission. I thought to myself, I couldn’t afford to lose the grand opportunity I had to have a good accountability person. More importantly, writing is really important to me and I desire growth in it. So I wrote and posted by 3:00pm each of the next three weeks. I wish I could say that every week after that has been perfect but I can’t. However, I can say that my two late posts were both before 3:30pm. The rest have been by or before 3:00pm since that discussion in December. That is a record for me!

The concept of accountability people is one that is easy to avoid because of the perception that they will be like those annoying teachers breathing down your neck and asking why you did not do a, b, c, d and e. Accountability comes with a perception of laws and rules that will bind. This couldn’t be further from the truth though. Having people you are accountable to is healthy.

Accountability systems are inevitable requirements for progress to happen.

“You can not audit yourself,” my brother Caesar once told me, with reference to financial management within business. This rings so true beyond financial auditing though. You simply cannot be your own auditor. A third party must give an objective and neutral assessment for you.

Accountability systems enable you to consistently practice good habits. Good habits build up over time and compound to great successes.

In addition to this, these systems help you build and grow the area you are focusing on. You can improve a craft or improve a venture.

Finally, and most importantly, accountability systems teach you to honour your own word. When you say you are going to do something and you do it, you reinforce your belief in your ability to get things done. You build character and trust in you. Achieving whets your appetite for more growth and more success in different areas. It’s like the ripple effect when a stone is thrown in a still pool of water.

What do accountability systems look like for you right now? Where do you need them the most? What areas are you procrastinating in and how can you use an accountability system to help you grow in those areas?

I hope you choose to make that difference.



P.s. Ernest is a super amazing and funny writer. His blog is www.silliedance.com .

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I was sitting across my mentor when she said to me, “It takes time”.

She was referring to growing a business. It takes time to nurture it before it can produce lasting fruit. Consistency in the market place builds trust in your business, when people see that you continue to exist and progress year in year out. Eventually, you begin to attract more clientele and start to thrive. Trust is seldom built instantly.

At that moment though, “it takes time” was not what I wanted to hear because I was exhausted. And yet, strangely, lying in those three words, I found comfort and reassurance. I found a calmness of mind and a call to patience that settled my heart.

When starting any venture, it’s important to recognize that you are entering a new realm of experiences. As such, you will need the ingredient of patience with both yourself and your venture.

Foundations                                                                                                                             Depending on the venture you are building, take some time to build the appropriate foundations you need. They will serve as an anchor when times get tough. More importantly, good foundations are a consistent solid base upon which everything else stands. Get the right people around you and on your team. Seek out the right life-giving ideas and plans to get you on the right path.

Flexibility of Design                                                                                                                  There is always room to adjust something that you may have got wrong previously, especially in the initial stages of your venture. Pace yourself. It’s your venture. Just like design, which is fluid in nature and goes backwards and forwards during the process, you can adjust the plan and activities as you go along.

Commitment to the Journey                                                                                                        There is no way to over-emphasize a commitment to the journey. Be in it for the long haul. Play the long game and don’t be distracted by short-term and temporary wins or loses. Celebrate the short wins but keep moving forward, not allowing them to puff you up with pride. Learn from the loses and pick yourself up very quickly and keep moving onward and forward. I have addressed the importance of the journey in better detail in  The Process Matters .

Know this: most things that are worth a lot will require their due labour. The value of hard, smart and persistent work cannot be underestimated. Most people that eventually succeed do so not because they are the most brilliant but because they applied persistence and patience over a certain period of time while traversing different challenges. Victory usually comes after a fairly won battle.

When I established The House of Kea, I was stepping into new territory. I have come a long way. I am not where I want to be but I am certainly not where I was. My victory will come from learning the lessons due from this season and using them to propel forward. It’s still taking time but there is progress and growth, and that matters most.

So be encouraged, it takes time.



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“Being an entrepreneur is like constantly oscillating between euphoria and terror”, a young lady said, on an entrepreneurship TV show on Kwesé TV.

As those words hit my ears and sunk into my spirit, they resonated with such familiarity that I knew for certain what she meant. Entrepreneurship is a great journey but it is taxing nonetheless. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. Many times, it takes a lot of strong will to keep motivated and avoid being discouraged. I know this first hand.

Last year, I had the privilege and honour to listen to an influential and motivating Ugandan man speak in a mentorship forum. His name is Mr. Peter Byansi. In my words, he is a natural born leader, a philanthropist, academician and businessman. He is an influential and significant leader in this beautiful pearl of Africa.

He spared some time to come and speak to young minds at the ACFODE offices in Bukoto, Kampala. He gave a very insightful and inspirational talk about personal development with a key focus on execution of goals and individual self-awareness. I learnt a lot, to say the least. It was clear to me by the end of the discussion that he is a very motivated and self-driven individual who systematically works towards succeeding in his goals. In addition, he spoke about his resilience, despite many challenges in his childhood. I was particularly curious to find out how he keeps motivated and keeps striving forward. After the session, I approached him and asked how one can keep motivated when ones dreams may seem far away from their reality and far out of reach.

The two main ways he gave were “enjoy the journey” and “celebrate even the little you’ve achieved”. It was a reminder, as we looked at last week, that the journey matters more than the destination and that every single milestone you make counts and should be celebrated.

Sometimes we are extremely hard on ourselves and we belittle our small successes always looking at the future rather than the present. Mr. Byansi’s remedy for that? Don’t beat yourself up. Much as you may not be where you want to be yet, for as long as you are keeping on track on your path towards achieving your goals, you shouldn’t beat yourself up. In addition to that, celebrate the achievements you make along the way.

Host a good party to keep you motivated about life and your goals. It may be as simple as buying yourself an ice cream. Or, simply taking some time off to relax. Your little celebrations can be as simple as you want them to be. What matters is that you acknowledge that you have reached one more milestone towards your bigger goal, whatever your goal may be.

My particular hurdles at that time, revolved around entrepreneurship. However, you may have a different hurdle to jump over. Whatever your goal revolves around, for as long as you are on the right track and path to achieving it, you have the right to celebrate your different milestones.

Have a beautiful week.



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The Process Matters

Have you heard the saying, “The end justifies the means”? It is commonly used to excuse an erroneous process of achieving something, claiming that all that matters is the end product. How true could this statement be?

Well, in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book titled Increasing Your Financial IQ, he says, “…the process is more important than the goal”. He argues that the process is what refines a person’s mindset and enables them be able to achieve a certain goal.

Furthermore, Bishop T.D. Jakes in one of his sermons said, “We want promotion without process.” He spoke about a prevailing microwave generation that desires quick results without the strenuous journey of growing and building, and yet it is the process we go through that enables us to mature and place ourselves in paths of significance, where we can finally achieve impact, holistic success and worthwhile recognition where it is due.

I also believe that holistic success relies heavily on a correct process. There are no shortcuts. But what is a correct process?

First, a correct process requires a certain dying to “self” so that a new and bigger thing can be born. John 12:24 says, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain.” This means you may need to unlearn certain habits and learn new ones. You may have to move to a new location, change the company you keep, and so on. The basic principle is making a big shift in your mind so that you are open to new ways and new possibilities. It is leaving behind old things for new things. This dying to self is not a one-time thing for success is not achieved in one go but rather a continual process that requires sensitivity to the seasons of life, so that you make decisions with wisdom within season.

In addition, a correct process inspires growth and builds character. There is an element of overcoming challenges by solving puzzles. The victory rests in perseverance and endurance. Romans 5: 3-4 says, “…but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.” While a shady and dubious process such as bribing your way through may attain you the final goal, it will most likely leave you with little to no growth or true fulfillment. What’s more, you won’t even have the confidence to confidently share your journey for fear of being discovered. Let us instead adopt a problem-solver’s mindset and perseverance with the right attitude.

George Matthew Adams, an American newspaper columnist and founder of the George Matthew Adams Newspaper Service, once said, “ Character is greater than talent, genius, fame, money, friends – there is nothing to compare with it. A man may have all these and yet remain comparatively useless – be unhappy – and die a bankrupt in soul.
” We are building character when we tackle different challenges and endure the process faithfully without taking shortcuts.

In addition, a correct process involves a form of good mentorship directly or indirectly. I have never heard of a happily successful person that said their path did not include a precedent in the form of a person or a word. Either, they watched and learnt from a successful person’s path, listened to guidance from that person or read wise advice from an article or story. There is always a guidance factor whether it is a one-on-one close-knit mentorship, or a learning of good practices from different places. Sometimes mentorship happens by accident but a wise person will seek it out actively.

One of my favourite all time quotes is by George Matthew Adams.

He says, “There is no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success.”

The journey is the most important part of our aspirations for it molds us. I know the process may be frustrating and many times we may be tempted to give up. However, let’s hold firm knowing victory lies on the other side of the challenge. Let us actively enjoy the process it will take for us to arrive at our due promotion.

Have a beautiful week ahead.



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“If you only place a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the rest of the world will not raise the price. And as a result of your own low self-esteem and poor sense of self-worth, you will fail to make a positive difference in the lives of others because you’ll think you have little to offer.”

John C. Maxwell from his book “Intentional Living”

One of the dictionary definitions of the word value is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Depending on your perception, you can place a high value on something that actually has a low value and vice versa. Why is it so important to have a healthy self-esteem? John C. Maxwell in the same book says,

“…it’s impossible to consistently behave in a way that is inconsistent with how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Self-image dictates daily behavior. How we see ourselves regulates what we consistently do, and our regular behavior is what defines us, not what we might do on a rare occasion.”

Your perception of your value will affect the way you relate with others as well as the way you work. As a result you will either be pleasantly satisfied with your life, neutral or heavily dissatisfied.

Place two people with different perceptions in the exact same situation with the same potentials and limitations. The one that has a positive perception will view the limitations as opportunities to find solutions and generate new ideas. Regardless of how he/she feels emotionally, his/her mindset powers him/her up to step beyond the circumstances. However, the person that has a negative perception will emphasize the limitations, magnify them mentally, and as a result even the potentials seize to matter because they are so focused on the limitations they have blown up.

Our actions are activated by our thoughts. Your knowledge of your identity and true value will affect the decisions you make. We are intelligent beings with extremely high potential however some people never manifest their highest potential because they do not believe that they inherently have all they need.

One day after running around for a client and being tossed around, I was extremely frustrated and unhappy. My mum, who I expected to console me, asked me, “Why are you letting people treat you like a roadside tailor when you are a designer?” That hit me hard! We do not disrespect or underestimate roadside tailors at all. The point here is that I am much more. I had designed an outfit for my client from scratch and tailored it myself. I met her at her convenience, outside my workshop, more than twice for the measurements and fitting. In addition to all this, it was an order I took at a very short notice. I went over, above and beyond to try and satisfy this client because I viewed her as an important person but I made a huge mistake because I allowed her to toss me around and pay me peanuts at the end of the job. Because she was a C.E.O. of an important organization, I had exaggerated her value as a client and belittled myself thinking I had to do whatever it took to try and gain her as a client. The big mistake that I made was in perceiving the value I could offer as very little. In the process, I ended up selling myself very short and getting very frustrated in the process. By the end of that order I was physically and mentally exhausted. From that day I decided no more! I will not belittle my value as a person nor the value that the business offers ever again. Regardless of whether I am serving the president or my neighbourhood friend, they will meet me at the true value I offer. For me, that is a call to increase my value as a person by improving my skills even more and enhancing the value of the business in every aspect of its operations (process) and product so that when I ask to be paid a certain amount, the value for money is guarantied without question or appreciated despite question.

I had another contrary experience where I got an architectural work client. I was going to offer him a certain price but instead of telling him what I was thinking of asking for, I asked him what his minimum budget for the work was, to get an understanding of his offer. To my pleasant surprise, he told me a price that was three times what I was going to ask for. When I smiled slightly, he asked if the amount was too little. Again I had underestimated my value! And this time, I realized this client perceived my value at a much higher level than I thought he would! Friends, these illustrations are more than crystal clear. We need to have a proper perception of ourselves, and the value we bring to the table at any given time. That value can keep increasing, so we need to work on enhancing our skills and developing our minds.

Finally, I want to leave you with this question: what is the value of your time per minute? This week, I got a personal revelation that I shouldn’t focus on working longer hours to earn more, I simply need to increase the value of my minute and hence my hour. Basically, I need to increase the financial value of my time. I can do this through enhancing my skills and charging people right for my time because no matter how high my value is, if I do not let people know it, they will be more than happy to give me a lower value, in most cases. It does not mean that some time can’t be given for less or no cost, especially with good reason. It simply means that I will be more intentional about getting proper monetary value for my work.

So again, I’ll ask, “What is the monetary value of your minute?”

Our focus shouldn’t be on increasing the number of hours we work but rather, on increasing our value per hour.

Have a beautiful week.



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Drive Your Own Car

While learning how to drive, I was constantly afraid of the other drivers. At a junction, my movements were sometimes delayed because I was too preoccupied with what the other road users were going to do or not do, whether they were turning or not, and generally whether they would obey the road rules or not. There was a moment where, because I was watching the other drivers, I forgot that I was the one that had the right to move and I stalled hence holding up everyone at the junction.

In that moment my instructor told me,

“Stop looking at what the others are going to do and drive your own car. Let them drive theirs.”

Isn’t that how it sometimes is with us in daily life when we forget to drive our own cars and are busy looking out of our windows to find out what move others will make? We forget that each of our journeys is unique.

To further use the analogy of driving, one is required to drive at different speeds on different types of roads depending on the prevailing circumstances. If you are on a highway going upcountry, you probably won’t be driving at less than 100 km/h unless there are special reasons along the way for you to slow down. Different times in life will require you to move at different speeds. Sometimes you’ll need to pick up your speed and other times you’ll need to drop it. Sometimes, you’ll actually need to pause at a pit stop and take a rest to get your car serviced, refueled and get yourself refreshed. However, you won’t be able to move at the right speed for you, if you are too concerned about how others are driving, where they are driving to and what moves they will make next. Do not try to overtake others simply for the sake of being ahead.

The beauty about life is that everyone is in a race of his or her own. It is true that we live in a context of community and very often measure ourselves with relation to others to get a sense of how well we are doing. However, our contexts should not become the defining factor that helps us measure success or progress. Our own individual journeys need to stay true to themselves first.

I was at an annual day of prayer yesterday at my church and one of the speakers shared her career journey. She made some drastic decisions along the way that made her shift from a very financially lucrative job to one that wasn’t as financially rewarding at that time. It was very hard for many people around her to understand why she did what she did. She made a very good point by saying that she needed to stay focused on being in her own lane instead of competing with her peers who had different journeys.

“In my lane, the only person who can outcompete me is me,” she said.

It was a truly profound statement that rings truth.

Regardless of the area of life you are dealing with, whether a career, relationship or business, focus on your own race.

Some of the benefits of doing this are you have no pressure to impress other people and therefore you can actively get better within your own lane. This should not justify laziness or complacency simply because you are working at your own terms. One must have standards and expectations of greatness and significance for your race to be worthwhile. I wrote this below on my facebook wall last week,

“We are all dreamers. We do the world a disservice by calling a selected few people dreamers. Somewhere deep inside each of us, we want more but that “more” will never be unlocked if we don’t believe it is there. We need to tap into that “more” by opening our minds and hearts to dreaming and dreaming big. That will give us the freedom and drive to seek ways to achieve those dreams.”

So, dream big, act on your dreams and stay focused on your lane.

Have a blessed week.


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Yes, I can!

“Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right.”

Henry Ford

Isn’t it profound how accurate and yet extremely simple the above quote is?

A few weeks ago, I had purposed to do a photo shoot for two new products I’d made. I had literally no resources at hand for the shoot. I however believed I could do the shoot. My mindset was “I can” and that propelled me to look within my already existing networks to look for a photographer and model that could do the photos for literally or almost no cost. I wasn’t successful and almost gave up but within that time, I met someone who offered to take the photos for free. That encouraged me. Next, I got a model who was also willing to do the shoot for free as well, and that encouraged me some more.

Things did not go as planned though and the photo shoot dates couldn’t be met for a myriad of reasons. Weeks passed, and as the time lag grew bigger I became discouraged and slowly started to believe that perhaps the photo shoot was not supposed to happen. I also put my concerns side by side with other business challenges. The obstacles only seemed to grow bigger in my eyes. The “I can’t” mentality had kicked in, in full gear, and I wasn’t even interested in the shoot anymore until someone close to me made me see different. He showed me that the shoot was still possible and I simply had to keep pushing to make it happen. I still wasn’t as interested in the shoot anymore but I pushed past my feelings for he had reawakened the mindset “I can”. The new mentality enabled me see how to make it happen. I went ahead to rearrange the shoot and set new dates. All parties came through and the shoot happened yesterday! It all started, almost ended, and finally reawakened within my mind. My person triggered the reawakening.

Everything that we need to succeed is already in us as latent potential that needs to be unlocked. Coupled with skills and strategy, that potential can grow exponentially and manifest itself in tangible, immeasurable works. Whether you need to start a new business, take a trip, succeed in your studies, play an instrument, organize an event etc., the inception of all these things will start in your mind. In the case of failure, it also starts in the mind before manifesting tangibly.

The first key that unlocks the latent potential within us is the word “can” and the firm belief behind that word, that indeed you can! Having confidence in yourself and knowing you are capable of so much more will catapult you to great heights. Not having confidence in who you are and what you do could frustrate your efforts or make you sell yourself short in so many areas leading you to never fully realize your fullest potential.

Self-doubt is a battle we need to set our minds to win every time it creeps up. You know the old adage “practice makes perfect”? Well, we need to practice being confident if it does not come naturally. You can do that by telling yourself, out loud and internally, that you are capable of achieving all you need to and by acting confident even when you may be shaking on the inside.

To stay confident, be conscious of the people and environment you surround yourself with. They indubitably have an effect on personal individual confidence because they speak into your life. Keep positive people and things speaking into your life consistently.

Read more; it’s not rocket science! Develop a good reading culture where you immerse your mind in books that develop your mindset and help you see solutions to the challenges bothering you. Having knowledge greatly helps increase confidence because you get answers and solutions at hand, and are therefore not walking blindly.

If you forget everything you’ve read, remember this – you can if you think you can.

Have a lovely week ahead.





Proactivity is the act of creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened, which is reactivity. Reactivity may seem to be the simpler option in the short run but proactivity has long-lasting benefits.

A proactive mindset chooses to look for solutions rather than focusing on problems. Ask yourself proactive questions when faced with challenges so that you can discover the root of the issues you are facing – questions that seek understanding. Have a clear end goal in mind so that you are strategic with your questions and discovery process. Knowing the root of the problems will help you find solutions that will last. You’ll get the right answers you need, after asking the right questions.

Proactivity may require that you move on when the curtains have closed. Is there a situation that you are clinging on to and yet you’ve tried all you can to revive it? It could be a business, job, relationship or any other situation you are facing. Perhaps, the best thing you could do is move on and forwards? The unknown may be scary but staying in the same situation may damage more in the long run.

Other times, proactivity will require you to reach out to others and step out of your comfort zone through networking. If you want different results for your life outside your own little bubble, you need to make yourself available to meet other people. Encourage people to talk to you. Let your body language communicate positively too, for example saying hello with a smile is a good way to make someone feel like you would like to talk to them. On a side note, if you find yourself dating the same kind of people and having the same problems, perhaps it’s time to reach out to a different kind of person who will most likely come from new networking opportunities. Go out of your little corner and try out new things, new spaces and new people.

In addition, you will need to be bold and confident as you seek out solutions. Endeavour to leave your insecurities behind and step into the new opportunities you seek.

Proactivity is the lifeblood of an actively happy person. You are responsible for your happiness. Take charge of your life.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Love, Keziah.

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